There are a number of groups that are associated with the rise of violent white nationalist/white supremacist extremism in the United States and beyond.


For the purposes of this online project, four main "umbrella" terms were chosen for the sake of ease and brevity. However, there are a number of subgroups that fall under the umbrella terms.


For instance, Identity Evropa and AtomWaffen would be considered alt-right. Also, other Neo-Nazi groups and websites like The Daily Stormer also fall under this umbrella term.


The Proud Boys fall under the realm of alt lite as well as some other celebrities who identify as white nationalists, and groups like MGTOW and r/TheRedPill are a part of the Manosphere.


For more detailed information on the celebrities in the map or the groups themselves and which subgroups fall under them, click on the group subpages below or on the menu.



All information to make the visualizations and the short profiles of the groups on this website was gathered from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, Wikipedia, YouTube, and various news outlets pieces like The Guardian, The Atlantic, Salon, Media Matters for America, and others.