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The alt-lite emerged as a term to describe a group of loosely affiliated groups and organizations who reject the overt white supremacy of the alt-right, but who still identify with many nationalist, xenophobic, misogynistic views and ideologies. They can be considered as a sort of off-shoot of the larger alt-right, due to the fact that many of their views intersect and overlap with one another.



Like the alt-right, the alt-lite is characterized by staples of toxic technoculture. Also often referred to as "The New Right", the alt lite actively rallies against "SJW culture", engage in conspiracy theories like PizzaGate, and have a significant online presence through the form of YouTube channels, social media accounts, and online forums. Many former alt-right affiliates, like Mike Cernovich, migrated to identifying as alt-lite and actively rejecting the alt-right label altogether. Gavin McInnes, notably, is the founder and leader of The Proud Boys (a large alt-lite group), who after the events in Charlottesville tried to distance their movement from the alt-right label. Milo Yinnapoulos also falls under the "alt lite" categorization.


Although distinct in the way that they actively reject white supremacy, many alt-lite groups still celebrate "Western culture" and "Western chauvinism". Further, the alt-lite may be a "newer" term that has emerged to describe the groups that aren't explicitly white supremacist, their views and ideologies are not new or modern. Anti-immigrant, anti-muslim, misogynistic, xenophobic rhetoric existed long before and outside of the alt-lite label.


Other alt-lite celebrities often call for a return to the nuclear family, traditional gender roles (particularly a reclaiming of masculinity), and pride of one's own culture and nationality ("It's OK to be white"). There's an incredibly blurry and thin boundary between those who are alt-right and alt-lite, however, its adherents are adamant in distinguishing themselves from one another, particularly for political purposes to appeal to possible new members.


Source: Anti-Defamation League

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