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The rise of populist fascism in recent years functions on ideologies that have existed long before the Internet and the election of Donald Trump as the POTUS. However, the packaging has been updated in the form of online activism as well as the rise of Internet-based celebrities within these interconnected extremist movements.


Notably, online communities responsible for GamerGate as well as platforms like YouTube have given these pseudo-leaders of this new extremist movement a voice within the larger political discourse. Many reports have noted how the Manosphere is a "gateway ideology" to the alt-right, and these ideologies are often spread through the celebrities mapped out in these networks.


This website houses a project that attempted to visualize the networks between GamerGate, The Manosphere, the Alt Lite, and the Alt Right.


These groups do not exist in a vacuum away from one another, and are often borne out of each other (for example, the Alt Lite came out of the Alt Right) and support one another. Visualizing their connections helps to map out these connections, and helps to show the movement of ideas as a result. 


Under "Groups" and in the individual pages, there are four network maps as well as information about each group.  This website is still a work in progress, and updated maps will be added as time goes on.


1. GamerGate, Manosphere, Alt Lite, & Alt Right

2. Alt Right & Alt Lite

3. GamerGate & Alt Lite

4. Manosphere & Alt Lite